Practice Questions for Microsoft Exam 70-480, Module 14

Here is the final installment in the series on preparing for Microsoft Exam 70-480, Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS, based on Module 14 of the curriculum. How much do you know about Web Workers?

Which statements are true of web workers?

You have created a page-dedicated web worker to accumulate data from a very large file. The user navigates away from the page and your code has not explicitly stopped the web worker. What will happen to the web worker?

You have a website running on Which of the following are valid ways to construct a dedicated web worker?

You have created a dedicated web worker. How can you stop it and release all its resources?

Your main JavaScript module sends a message to a dedicated web worker. Which are allowed as the first parameter to postMessage?

You have a web worker that may receive a variety of messages. What is a good way to make the web worker handle each type of message appropriately?

How should you detect when a web worker has thrown an exception?

You have a dedicated web worker that executes worker.js. It needs to access code contained in myLibrary.js. How can you enable it to do this?

Which browser(s) support SharedWorkers?

Each of two pages needs to access a SharedWorker that is based on worker.js. How should the worker be started?

A shared worker needs to communicate with each of two pages. Which of the following steps are typically necessary?

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