Practice Questions for Microsoft Exam 70-480, Module 8

Here are yet more questions to help you prepare for Microsoft certification exam 70-480, Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS. This round is based on Module 8 of the curriculum.

Which statements are true?

What is involved in determining which files the user has selected through an <input type="file"> element?

Which of the following is NOT a correct step for reading a file as text?

You want to implement drag-and-drop on a form. What might be involved in giving the user a visual cue as to which controls are drop targets?

You have created a <video> element to play a particular video on your website. How can you present a still picture to the user to indicate what's in the video?

You want to give a custom look to your video player by designing your own controls (Play button, etc.). Which might be parts of your solution?

You want to let the user play the video at twice its normal speed. What should you do in your JavaScript code?

As part of a simple app to display a smiley face when a mobile-phone user is less than a mile from home, you call navigator.geolocation.watchPosition. What does this function return?

You want to minimize the demands that your mobile app places on the device when the app is not visible. Which property can you use to determine this?

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