Practice Questions for Microsoft Exam 70-480, Module 7

Here are more questions I’ve made up to help people at my company prepare for the Microsoft certification exam 70-480, Programing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. These focus on Module 7 of the curriculum.

In strict mode, what will print on the Chrome console with the following code?

(function() { 
  var a='Hello!'; 

In strict mode, what will print on the Chrome console with the following code?

(function() { 
  var f = function() { return 'Hello!'; } 

How could you make a function part of a namespace?

What will this code print on the Chrome console? console.log(Math.parseInt('123'))

Which CSS instructions will cause text to break only on word boundaries?

What differences will there be between objects a and b after var a = new Object(); var b = { };?

What will print on the console?

var a={ 
  counter: 111, 
  printCounter: function() { console.log(this.counter); } 
var b = { 
  counter: 222 
b.printCounter = a.printCounter;

Which of the following are true when you create an object with the new keyword?

What will be printed on the Chrome console after the following code?

var MyConstructor = function() { 
  this.a = 123; 
var first = new MyConstructor();
MyConstructor.prototype.protofunc = function() { console.log(this.a); } 
var second = new MyConstructor(); 

You have the following constructor function and a function on its prototype. What will be true of the haveBirthday function?

var Person = function() { 
  var age; 
  /* more code */ 
Person.prototype = { 
  haveBirthday: function() { /* more code */ } 

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