Practice Questions for Microsoft Exam 70-480, Module 5

Here are some questions for you to try if you’re studying for Microsoft Exam 70-480, Programing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. They are based on Module 5 of the curriculum.

How do you use the XMLHttpRequest object synchronously?

What can the XMLHttpRequest object do that HTML elements with the src attribute cannot do?

Which are valid ways to create an XMLHttpRequest object?

Suppose you have created an XMLHttpRequest object and you are sending the request asynchronously. Which are recommended ways to execute code upon completion of the request, whether the request was successful or not, and in the absence of network problems?

Which expression will be true if an XMLHttpRequest returns a JSON response?

Suppose you have determined that a response to your XMLHttpRequest is in XML. What is the best way to get the response?

How should you notify the server that you are sending data that a user has entered on a form?

Suppose you have coded $.get('https://server/resource', function(data) { /* process data */ }) to obtain data from a server. Your call reaches the server successfully, but the business logic there throws an exception. How could you detect this?

How could you post data to a server and load the server's response into an HTML element with ID='abc'?

Which are methods on the object that $.ajax function returns?

Which are valid ways to post form data using $.ajax?

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