Practice Questions for Microsoft Exam 70-480, Module 4

Here are some questions I’ve made up to help my team prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-480, Programing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. They are based on Module 4 of the curriculum.

See how many you can answer, and then press Show Answer-Checking!

On the <form> tag, which are valid values for the method attribute?

What is the name of the attribute on the <form> tag that tells where the form's data should be sent?

Which of the following are true of the id and name attributes of an <input> tag?

Which attribute would you add to an <input type="submit" /> to put text on the button?

Suppose you want to organize the choices under a <select> element into groups. What might you place before the first <select> element?

Does an <input> with a <datalist> allow the user to enter a value that is not in list?

Which tags might you include to associate an <input> with a <datalist>?

Suppose you want to make an <input type="text" /> required in the sense of the required attribute. Which are valid and complete ways to do this?

Which attributes specify that an <input> is NOT required in the sense of the required attribute?

Which attributes could help you ensure that the user enters an integer from 0 to 9 in an <input> element?

Suppose you have an <input> element with a pattern attribute. Which attribute could you use to tell the user what the pattern requires, in plain English?

Suppose you have <input type="text" pattern="[a-z]+" />. Which input values will be allowed?

Will the input of a single space be allowed for <input type="text" required="required" />?

Which of these sets of attributes could you add to <input type="text" /> in order to ensure that the user enters no spaces and at least one character other than a space?

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